Twitter Every Wednesday

Twitter is how we will make our ideas public, lure people into our conversation, and enter conversations that are happening elsewhere. Sign up here if you don't already have a twitter account.

Every Wednesday will be Twitter Madness Day. (And by Wednesday, I mean any time after class on Tuesday and before midnight.) You can use our hashtag on other days, but Wednesdays will be the day that you are required to check in several times during the day/evening/night. 

In class every Tuesday, we'll figure out how we want to use twitter that week. In addition, you can link to articles, websites, and sources of info on the web. We can use twitter to extend our classroom discussion. You can retweet stuff that your classmates tweet if you think it’s valuable. Use twitter to add to the larger conversation and to invite input from people outside of our class. 

We can use twitter to get students from other parts of the world to tell us about where they’re from, what environmental issues might be most relevant in their part of the world, and share their perspectives. Our goal is for a conversation that is larger than what we could have in our own classroom.

Remember, all of our tweets will be public so we want to think about our audience and what we are communicating with them. We’re hoping people will want to follow our hashtag.