Tips for your citing your sources on your blog or website

Most groups are linking to your Sources Documents in the sidebar of your blog or website. That is an excellent idea. The only problem is that in most cases when I click on the link, it won't let me see the document.

If you want to share a google doc (such as your Sources Document), you need to change the privacy settings so anyone can see it. Go to the google doc, find the blue box in the upper right hand corner that says SHARE, and choose "Anyone who has the link can view." That should change the settings.

Another tip for the Sources Document. No one wants to just see a long bunch of URLs -- even if they are hyperlinks. Sum up each document in some way so that readers can make a decision as to whether or not they want to click on the links. Here, for example, is my sources document for designing this course. In every case, I tried to identify the name of the author and the text that I had consulted.